Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Butler vs. Sherman

It was a good-old high school basketball matchup.
Shawnee's Jerin Butler vs. Kenton's Garrick Sherman.
Stats-wise, Sherman came out on top.
But, more importantly, Butler and Shawnee won the game Friday night 70-62 at Shawnee.
Butler finished with 24 points, including 18 in the second half.
Sherman had 27 points, 18 rebounds and two blocks.
In the end, it was an impressive performance by both.
Butler did his job in the second half, continually sneaking in for his 12-to-15 foot jumper. He hit 6 of 8 from the field in the second half. Every time the Indians needed a key basket, he delivered.
Sherman was equally impressive in the first half with 14 points and 14 rebounds at halftime.
The 6-foot-10 junior Sherman has it all. He's quick, has great hands, a nice shot and runs the floor well. Iowa is really after him, as are all the Mid-American Conference schools.
With his talent, he deserves to play at the highest level.
But on Friday night, it was Butler who led his team to the victory.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Coldwater slayed the dragon

Truly remarkable.
Almost unbelievable.
That was the comeback effort of Coldwater in its 28-27 Division IV state championship victory over No. 1 ranked and USA Today's No.8 Youngstown Cardinal Mooney Saturday at Massillon.
It took a pair of razzle-dazzle trick plays, a blocked extra point and solid play from the defense to turn back Mooney.
Overall, it was the best state championship game I've seen. And I've covering preps for The Lima News since 1986.
So what stands out?
Well, Kurt Schlarman's blocked extra point in the final seconds to preserve the 28-27 victory for sure.
But there was also Keith Wenning throwing his two big passes -- one on the reverse and one on the double pass.
The two big touchdown catches by Ryan Geier, one on reverse pass and one leaping over Tim Marlowe in the end zone.
There was also the play of 186-pound defensive tackle Tyler Kunk, who was giving up plenty of size and weight to the Mooney line, but found a way to make plays.
There was the Coldwater offensive line giving quarterback Cory Klenke time to hit his receivers in the second half.
There was Coldwater coming back from a 21-7 deficit entering the final quarter.
Afterward, Mooney was stunned.
Coldwater celebrated.
"We slayed the dragons," Kunk said after the game.
Once again, the Midwest Athletic Conference had done just that.
With Marion Local winning the Division V title Friday, it was the third year in a row that two MAC teams brought home state titles.
But this one was certainly one for the ages.